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Tone Audiometry

What is Tone Audiometry?

Tone Audiometry is a subjective method of Diagnosis of the cabinet.

This simple procedure is one of the main diagnostics methods in audiology. But also objective studies exist. This means, that they don´t require the active participation of the patient to quantify their audition. Tone Audiometry is particularly useful in the valuation of damage induced by environmental, recreational, or labor noise. The Work Federal Law recommends the use of Tone Audiometry to evaluate hearing. 

Studies of Audiometry, Logoaudiometry, Tympanometry

It is necessary to study each case individually 

A wide battery of hearing studies exists. The results of these studies orient the Specialist Doctor in Audiology to know the cause of your hearing loss, the type of loss, and the degree. Altogether with the medical interview, the physical exploration, and the result of the hearing studies the specialist doctor in audiology will choose the best option for you. 

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Consecuences of Hearing Loss

Difficulties that present adult people with hearing loss during communication are the reason for interpersonal conflicts, insecurity, social isolation, depression, and even cognitive deterioration. 

Luckily, the adaptation of hearing aids is an option that the people with hearing problems stay in contact with the world of sounds that surrounds us in a natural and comfortable way.

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